A cherished Ebay find…….

more-vintage-teasI just adore my china collection and sharing it with my customers for their special events. Whether I find pieces on auction sites, charity shops, car boot sales or am even lucky enough to be given pieces by friends and family I truly treasure them all! I love how pretty the bone china tea sets are (they just don’t make them like that anymore!) Most are in immaculate condition with intricate detail and gold rims. It really does amaze me how they can be so old and delicate yet remain in such pristine condition. I often think about who these pieces first belonged to, the homes they were sat in, the family that drank from them and the conversations had whilst using these beautiful tea sets…..

The fact that most vintage china is now stored away in garages or lofts collecting dust is just so sad….. Not here at Amys Vintage Teas! We love to give our china finds a new lease of life hiring them out for all types of happy occasions such as weddings, christenings and birthdays. In fact in 2015 our china tea sets are probably getting more use than they ever did when first made…. How fabulous!!

vintage-teacupsHeres one example of a stunning tea set I was very lucky to come across on Ebay and even luckier to actually win in the auction! Its a Duchess bone china tea set in a mixture of gorgeous and very sought after pastel colours. I collected the tea set from a local lady who told me a bit about its history. The tea set had been brought as an engagement present for her mother who is now in her nineties, Making the tea set over 70s old. It had been stored in the daughters garage for many years until now! My new firm favorite which will now get a new lease of life with us and will grace many afternoon tea tables once more!

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